Representing Montgomery County’s Conservative Values

TAX SAVINGS – Commissioner Riley introduced and Passed the 20% Homestead Exemption.  
TAX SAVINGS – Commissioner Riley Passed the No New Revenue Tax Rate 3 Years in a Row.  This Means as Home Appraisals Go Up, the Tax Rate Goes Down… Ensuring You Won’t See a Tax Increase from the County’s Portion of Your Tax Bill.
TAX SAVINGS – During Commissioner Riley’s Two Terms, He Has Lowered the County’s Portion of Your Property Tax Bill.  There Are 4-5 Entities that Tax You on Your Property Taxes.  Learn More About Your Property Taxes

LAW ENFORCEMENT – Over Commissioner Riley’s Two Terms, He Has Approved Over 200 NEW Law Enforcement Positions Without Raising Your Taxes. Charlie Will Always Support Law Enforcement and Will NEVER Defund our Police!
2ND AMENDMENT DEFENDER – Commissioner Riley Authored the “Gun Sanctuary” Resolution, Making Montgomery County a Safe Haven for 2nd Amendment rights! This Means County Law Enforcement Will Not Have the Authority to Take Your Guns Away Due to Unlawful Mandates.
LAW ENFORCEMENT BACKS COMMISSIONER RILEY: Riley Received the Distinguished Endorsement from MCLEA, Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association. This is Montgomery County’s Largest Association of Law Enforcement Professionals.

WORKING HARD – Commissioner Riley has Overseen the Completion of 12 Major Road Projects… Without Raising Your Taxes! Roads include:

  • Fishcreek Thoroughfare,
  • Grand Pines Road,
  • Bridge at Lake Creek,
  • McCaleb Road Overpass of Railroad,
  • 249 Freeway, Keenan Cutoff Overpass of Railroad,
  • Research Forest Drive Continuous 4 Lanes,
  • Widened Sendera to 5 Lanes,
  • Dobbin Huffsmith/Hardin Store Road Intersection Improvement,
  • and many other projects.

WORKING HARD – In 2021, Your Precinct 2 Commissioner’s Office Responded to and Completed Over 2,400 Projects! Call Their Office Today! You Won’t Get an Answering Service, You’ll Talk Directly to Office Staff About Your Concerns. Hear from your neighbors.

PRO-LIFE – Commissioner Riley Always Supports Pro-Life Efforts… The Rileys believe life begins at conception and they value life.  Commissioner Riley is a Major Donor to Our Local Pro-Life Organizations and They Know They Can Always Depend on Him!
STAUNCH REPUBLICAN – Commissioner Riley Always Supports the Republican Party Principles and is a MAJOR Donor!  He believes government should be limited to those powers described in the Constitution.  Commissioner Riley is a faithful defender of our rights!
FAMILY VALUES – Commissioner Riley and his wife Deanne have been married for 45 years.  They raised their two children in Magnolia, who live in Magnolia with their families.  They enjoy getting ample time with grandbabies!
BELIEVERS IN CHRIST – The Riley’s are active members of Magnolia Cowboy Church.  They believe that accepting Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is the only way for people to gain eternal security with their Lord God.