Good morning Precinct 2! Here is the latest information from your Precinct!

I cannot begin to express how proud I am to see our county come together to help their neighbors as they escaped their homes during this historical natural disaster. They say a disaster can really show you what people are made of. We confirmed to America that Texas is made of hard working people who will do anything to help those in need. The flood waters of Hurricane Harvey had a major impact on our community. For example, in River Plantation, alone, 507 homes had major water damage. With flooding comes the monumental task of cleanup. Our Precinct 2 staff worked continually to remove debris from all of the 700+ damaged homes, and successfully completed all cleanup as of last week. At the present time, FEMA and the County Engineering Office are physically inspecting each flooded property to asses damage and estimate repair costs. Once FEMA understands repair costs, they will determine if, and when, buyouts will be discussed. We are expecting that this tedious process will take FEMA quite a bit of time.
For more information, you can visit the Disaster Recovery Center which is located at the West Montgomery County Community Center on Friendship Drive, in Magnolia. [READ MORE HERE]

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