249 Tollway FAQ Sheet

1. Where does this project take place?

The Montgomery County Toll Road Authority’s (MCTRA) portion of the 249 tollway is 3.6 miles and will
begin at the Montgomery County line at Spring Creek and extend to just South of 149. After this
point, TXDOT’s portion of the toll road begins. TXDOT’s construction will be from Pinehurst to
Highway 6 in Navasota.

2. Will this project create more traffic in Magnolia?

No. The expected outcome of this project is a reduction in traffic. This is Phase 3 of a 3 part toll
project from Spring Cypress to just South of 149. Phase 1 and 2 are being built by the Harris County
Toll Road Authority (HCTRA). Phase 1 is already built and commuters are using this section to travel
between FM 2920 to Spring Cypress Road. Phase 2 is currently being built by HCTRA between FM
2920 and the Montgomery County line at Spring Creek. Montgomery County’s section, Phase 3, will
continue the project from Spring Creek to just South of 149. Phase 3, will significantly reduce traffic
because it will overpass traffic signals.

In the future, TXDOT will continue the project all the way to Highway 6. Their section will loop around
Magnolia, not through it. Taking Phase 3 off of TXDOT’s list of projects will allow TXDOT to begin their
bypass around Magnolia sooner. When their section is built, commuters not needing to enter
Magnolia will go around Magnolia, greatly reducing the number of vehicles driving through Magnolia.
This will be especially helpful during the Texas Renaissance Festival season. With its completion, this
will look much like the loop around Tomball that we see with the current completed Phase 1 section
of the tollway.


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